As we know that, we are surrounded by water-70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. I don’t understand why yet there is talk about a water crisis, the need to use water wisely, and duty to prorect our rivers, wetlands and oceans… Why?

As the word population grows and demand for water increases, and as Earth’s supply of freshwater (stored in aquifers, surface waters and the atmosphere), becomes more polluted, of course the access to water becomes more difficult.

The consequences are manifold, from health impacts and regional conflicts over scarce water resources, to harmful effects on plant and animal species from polluted water  bodies.



  1. Welcome to the Foko Blog Club !!
    This topic is worth the reflexion and we’re all well aware of the importance of water for LIFE. What more than water do we really need ? maybe air and love, a lot of love!

    Take care and keep up th egreat blogging!

  2. Ajaranao sy anjarako ny mitandro ny tontolo iainana e!!

    tonga soa!

  3. joan > You are right, no more than water, water is life

    sipagasy > Zany mintsy eh, anjarako sy anjaranao no mitandro ny tontolo iainana.

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