Did you hear about the hunger crisis?

The world hunger crisis is all over the news few last months ago. In just tree years, the price of staple food like wheat, corn, and rice has almost doubled. If we don’t do something soon, hundreds of thousands of people face starvation and a hundred million more could fall into extreme poverty.



  1. Thanks for your comments on the problems of the “thrid world”. I appreciate your awareness raising endeavours;

    bodoundjan (on the other side of the table)

  2. Welcome back Patrick!
    I hope this time you’ll stay with us and join us on this amazing journey of cyber-activism but the key-word on your blog is ACTIVISM!
    Thank you for you kindness and open-mindness.
    You are the first blogger to start this debate on the actual problem of hunger crisis and we ‘Re going to bring you more readers so you can share from your Malagasy Perspective

    Great job !

  3. jogan > OK I will be with you from now until the years to come. You know joan I was missing because I just got some problem to use the blog but no means that I don’t like to be with you. I really like this program, and now I do hope that I won’t have no more problem any more. See I hope to hear from you sooner

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  5. starvation, war, poverty watched by the insensibile modern man who is very busy with his career.
    a man imprisoned by his career.

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