Best season to see Famadihana is August, september and october. Famadihana is a “turning over the bones” consisting in wrapping again the dead with new sheets. Mainly silk sheets. It’s very important traditional family event. Depending on each family, the Malagasy celebrate this event between once a year and once in ten years,with a party that can last three days during which some families spend their whole savings. During Famadihana, most families have little parade along the street( to show to the dead what has happened in the meantime), where they carry the dead body along, often accompanied by a brass hand.



  1. Dear colleagues,
    Job Offer
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    these documentaries are distributed on three types of series:

    The first concerns “Testimonies Against Humanity”,
    the second series instead is called “African Stories”, A documentary series aims at exploring the African causes and issues, whether historical, political, economic, social or cultural topics.
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  2. Lorca> Hi LOrca I’m Patrick, you know I’m from Madagascar but I’m still bit busy of my studies, but I think if you’re not too hurry I can satisfy you. I mean I can do it, also if you have some questions you may ask them to me. I already noticed your three topics and the website that you wrote above as well.
    As I’m guide tour here in Madagascar, I’m also so iterested to do these job for you. I will join you on your e-mail address later, here is mine too:

    Thank you indeed Lorca, I hope to hear from you soon.


  3. This is a fantastic perspective. I was also able to attend this ceremony in Madagascar. I expected it to feel sad like a funeral but it was beautiful and touching. I remember a girl dancing with her grandmother’s corpse and crying. It was so real. That memory still haunts me today.

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