Malagasy wedding with their own custom

Formerly, the parents choosed and proposed to their young son the woman that they thought to be better for their son. However, the proposition maybe refused. In that case, the young man must look for the woman that he loves. If the lovers are already get on with each other, the young woman ask her boyfriend to present and to introduce himself to her parents.
According to the conveniences, it’s not a young man to do the demand by his name to the parents of his girlfriend after his own introduction. But his parents ought to go to the young woman’s parents house to deliver his message. But before his girlfriend parents and his own parents accept one another, each side must survey one another so that they get to know enough one another. Each family try to discover who exactly are the other side. Is her boyfriend or his girlfriend from to the family who have or have not: leprosy, syphilis, alcoholism, epilepsy, madness, or have on other hereditary illness, because each side of the family want to see their descendant happy: worker, able to reproduce, rich,…etc
Showing “fisehoana”: here in Madagascar, especially in the East coast, the area where I live, to have a wife needs a some step that the young man have to do. And “Fisehoana” is the first step.First of all, the boyfriend must have one spokesman or spokeswoman who deliver all the message from the young man to the parents of his girlfriend if they are agreed each other. After the long conversation between a boyfriend spokesman or spokeswoman and girlfriend’s parents, they have to fix one date of the wedding and also discuss about the amount of the gift “Diafotake or Moletry” for the parents of the girlfriend from the young man, if they get on with one another. The spokesman or spokeswoman have to offer the gift from the boyfriend to the girlfriend’s parents before separating one another.
Few days after the “Fisehoana” it’s a date of the wedding. The parents of the young man accompanied by their friends come to join the parents of the girlfriend’s house. After the dinner, the spokesman or the spokeswoman of the young man takes a speech in front of the young woman’s parents and family who reunited for celebrating the wedding’s party the day after.After these speech, the girlfriend’s parents offer some drink to honour the boyfriend’s parents and their accompanying. It’s must be a “Betsabetsa” the official Malagasy drink during the special event.From now on all the young come to assist the ceremony can already sing Malagasy song “Vakodrazana” and dance as well if they want. The next morning after the breakfast, the both family reunite again at girlfriend’s parents house, because the spokesman or spokeswoman is going to deliver his speech for a union of the wedding “Orimbato”. Now the girlfriend is already becomes a wife and the young man is husband.
After their talk exchange , the spokesman or the spokeswoman of the new husband takes out one massif money piece: ” The Tsanganolona: where the character keep standing for the wedding blessing “Tsodrano”. So he takes also one white porcelain plate in which there is clean water and must be placed in front of the lovers who seat down side by side. The oldest person from the wife’s family puts the massif money into the porcelain plate then, with branch of( “Hasina”: is a sacre plant for the Malagasy) shakes the water and praying to the God at the same time. And then, the wife’s parents give too their own blessing to their children. When they are all have finished, they spray the new wife and husband, they have to drink the blessed water, then after the blessing period, the wife’s parents have to offer a very nice meals for the families and the invited as well.
After having done all those steps, the new wife and her invited must be closed in one room where in her baggages are already ready for the travel.On the other hand, just in front of the door outside, there are the invited of the new husband who get gathering and singing “Ôsika or Hira gasy: Malagasy typically songs” If they are singing well, the door in which the new wife will be opened. In that time the woman’s family are throwing away the baggages to outside. The husband’s family who get gathering in front of the door outside never let any of the baggages down on the ground. The wife’s parents let their daughter to follow her husband to the young man’s house, from now on, the new wife is becoming a daughter of the husband-in-law, and of course she has the same right in the husband’s family.

When the procession arrives to the new husband’s house, his mother takes her daughter-in-law and lead her to have a three time of tours around the husband’s house. From now on the new wife is becoming the queen. Then the husband join his wife, and the new family gives an honour to their house. Then the oldest one from the husband family who staid in the village, ask a new from the travellers and to bid them welcome. The congratulation and wishes are the last step of the wedding and to close the wedding ceremonious ” Have a boys, have a girls, be happy, be rich,” Said all the assistants to the new family. This last step is ending by having a very huge wedding party with all the family friends of the new husband and wife.


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  1. This post shows your full knowledge of the traditions and I am sure nobody ever posted this much on this topic. Mostly Malagasy girls are keen to share a little on the details of their big vody ondry but they keep focusing on the ring…ahahaha
    My uncle had to take kabary lessons just to be able to pull 4 right sentences during my cousin’s ceremony, I can imagine his stress to leave his little girl to… well …a stranger they’ve been tracking and surveying for a little while.

    Great great great poost !!

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