BUEC: Barikadimy’s United English Club

BUEC is an English club which is exist at University of Tamatave. It was created by group of students included Rolland, Gildas, Paul, Vohary, Jacquinot, Jean D’Arc, Fredel, Lydovick, Urbain and Patrick is the President actual. It was on 2003 and every years the member is increasing nonstop. In this club, there is no teacher neither students but we help one another. It is a very big opportinuty for the people especially the students at University of Tamatave to increase their skill in English.

WHY ENGLISH? The creators remarc that there are a lot of students after they got their BACC degree and they have to go at University, there they had no opportinuty to encrease their knowledge in term of English. And as e know that there is no way to follow English subject here in Tamatave because it’s doesn’t exist yet. At the same time we know the importance of English nowaday so we decided to create one club, is the place where the students can increase their knowledge on English.

We always got problems about the room where we can have our meeting. Normally we hve to have one teacher at least but because we are all students in and we’re all bit busy of our studies no one of us could be a teacher. Also as a club we have not enough materials like computer, TV. We only have one tape for listening but sometimes we want to watch a film.

The club participate on the social developpment, like for exemple during the world journey of smile here in Tamatave, we did a translation between patients and doctors with operation smile.

This is Mr Lydovock speech, os one of the creators: Hi I’m Clearstone Lydovick. As a philologist, got into a club to bring my knowledge higher. I got interested into BUEC because: Firstly, in BUEC we share knowledge to one another. It’s a way of “Share and Share lake”. Secondly, as a learner too, we get to make ourselves be broad-minded. Because getting onto any particular group brings you getting out of your shell, Mean you’re shy no more. Because you get ised to talking to different friends. Now I’d like to invite all friends to get into any club for instance BUEC. “Never miss the boat buddy!”


  1. Her is wishing a lot of success to the BUEC.

  2. Irakoto> Thanks Rakoto , misaotra betsaka. That’s our aim and dream since for we created it and right now. I hope to meet you one day, Wish

  3. so the BUEC are the popular kids at the university right? I love the expression ” Never miss the boat buddy” since you guyz are on the biggest richest seaport of region , the Club is a real opportunity to embrace the great things that are going on in Tamatave.
    I’ve heard a lot about changes and development and how much the people want to join this frenzy. I know the your Club will help a lot getting more and more Malagasy to speak english so they can become an important actor in this development.

    Welcome to the Club , BUEC CLub!

  4. BUEC is a real great idea – go on buddy. hope the very best thing for you all and a lot of buddies throug the time.
    I love english too and i try to learn it everywhere i can

  5. Nice to hear from you mitia008, but personally, I love malagasy language more than love but I’m obliged to learn English lol. Ciao from Tamatave

  6. Hi, I like your club, It’s interesting!. I have no BACC diploma and I don’t study at the Tamatave University; would you accept me to be a part of your club members through this mail and your website? I may pass in Tamatave one day and visit you if you allow me!

    I have some friends In Tamatave that I want to be in your club members, without BACC diploma also and still weak in english language. Tell me please if it’s possible for you to accept them?

    Thanks and good luck!

  7. Yeah, they can go at the University every sunday without any problem. The same for you. Hope to see you there this coming sunday. Peace

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