Tamatave’s University city,

Is a green and clean campus,

Buildings and white houses,

They are all pretty indeed.

Time is running away,

For 4 years at University,

It seems like yesterday,

Because of our unity.

What wonderful time,

During our 4 years together,

According to me, it was fine,

But I don’t know for the other.

Now it’s time for saying goo’bye,

For all of my classmate, indeed my friends,

I’m sure that one day, we’ll meet again.

So Sir, miss let’s say goo’bye.

Special message for:

Harista and Priscilla Théline,

I love you like crystal clean,

And I won’t forget you forever more.

Hey! Don’t worry!

Be happy everybody,

‘Coz life is always like this,

I mean, please take it easy.

When you’re emotional,

Or get some problems,

You just read this poem,

I think that is all

I wrote this poem to memorize my best friends at University. Patrick loves you!!



  1. Patrick this poem is so touching , friendship is the most important thing in the world .
    These pics are just too cute and I hope you will feel happiness each time you stare at them.
    Take care,Joan

  2. Thanks very much Joan

  3. OK, guys, next time

  4. So so cool. Mahafinaritra e.

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