If we talk about tourism in Madagascar, Tamatave is not late in compered to another place. If you really interested , please do not miss to visit my blog.

Before starting, I would like to let you know a short story of Tamatave. << Why it is called Tamatave or Toamasina?>>

We have a lots of versions to explain the name of Tamatave or Toamasina. So these are some versions:

* Portuguese seamen gave one name like: Saint Thomas and became Toamasina later.

* The king Radama 1st came at the first time here in Tamatave in 1817 and also was his first time to see a sea, then he tasted and he said with very loud voice<< Toamasina>> literally translated, means it’s salty.

*Also the name of Tamatave is from << Toa matavy>> literally translated, means it’s greasy!! prononced by Radama 1st again while they had a meals during one special event, and the broth was zebu meat and it was looking very greasy.

In the beginning Tamatave or Toamasina was a simple fisher village and breeder of zebu, with lot of halmet wich are made up with traditional fashion such as wood and ravimpontsy ( leaves dried of the famous traveler’s tree)

From 17 centuary, it was coveted by numerous pirates, bills and traders who came from around this glob included Africa, Europa and so on.

From 19 centuary, Tamatave was the place of confrontation between a malagasy kingdom. Then during the colonization period( 1896-1960), the development of the port gave a strenthful of Tamatave’s town in term of commercial and cultural, but the French administrationhad had completely transformed it, in particularly during the first Governor, General Joseph Galieni period  who set up a lot of and very importants priorities such as urbanizing plan and administratives buildings, constractions of road and rail ways and also digging a pangalanes channel.




  1. It was a real pleasure having you at ICE guys. I won’t forget to pass by the BUEC when I go there 🙂

  2. Not only you guyz but it’s the same to us. I won’t also forget our wonderful time together.And I’m sure that we’ll meet again later.

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