Tamatave’s town tour

This is a town tour number one here in Tamatave. Let’s start from nautical center, there where is Ratsimilaho street is started.

Point number 1: RATSIMILAHO BOULEVARD (Street)

This grand boulevard is longsided on Indian Ocean. From nautical center until hopitaly be, literally translated, means a big hospital. But before its destruction in 1986 by Honorine cyclone, it was until Tahity kely. During the colonization period, it was called Gallieni boulevard, who was the first General Governor of Madagascar in 1896-1905. After the independence of Madagascar, it’s became boulevard Ratsimilaho, which is the name of betsimisaraka king who can unify the malagasy east coast in the middle of 18th centuary. That was the main cause of << malata >> generation ( malagasy deformation of [ mulâtre ] means half-caste. Malata is the name of the pirates descendant who intalled on the east coast at the end of 17th centuary and got married with the women in the east regions. Since for the colonization period and until nowadays, this boulevard which is lying on the seaside is the most famous place for walking with a friends, for having fun


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