Independence avenue

After having walked along Ratsimilaho boulevard, now let’s turn in our left and here we go. A very nice avenue for Independence.

In the beginning of colonization period, and before being a real avenue, this area was a place for horses racing. Then in 1930 it is becoming an avenue number one here in Tamatave and then <<poincaré avenue>>. And later, it’s called Independence avenue after having celebrated it at the first time in 1960. Also we can find a lot of monuments wich are recorded Tamatave and as well Madagascar stories.

For exemple: This one is called Republic place, it is to memorize the time when the Independece of Madagascar was proclamed. It was exactly, October, 14th, 1958. But only two years after the proclamation, we celebrated it at the first time, was June, 26th, 1960

This very wide avenue, is limited by palm tree. It’s the most beautiful place here in Tamatave, here is also the administratif center in this town, because here, we can find a lot of publics buildings, of which are almost of them had renewed in 1930 after the violence cyclone in 1927.

Look at this one, it’s an actual BFV-SG bank.

Always walking on this avenue, you can enjoy these two buildings( BFV-SG and actual province siege. Let’s look at in our right, there are tribunal was made in 1930, also a post office, topography and indeed an Anglican cathedral Santa Jakoba. This church was constructed in 1932 after the first Anglican church in 1905 at the same place on this Independence avenue. But the first one was destroyed by 1927 cyclone.


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