La gare( station)

This line malagasy rail way is made during a governor Joseph Gallieni period. The work was started in 1901, and it needed a huge number of workforces such as: Malagasy, Europeans, Arabs, Africans, and Indians. The rail way was inaugurated in march, 13th, 1913. Tamatave is the terminus of this TCE line (Tamatave Côte Est: means Tamatave East Coast) which is to join the first port of Madagascar to the capital Tananarive.

This actual rail way station is constructed in 1930. In that time , the hall town wasn’t exist yet, so the station was facing the ocean. Around 20th centuary, it was becoming dangerous and no more traffics because of lack of maintenance. But since for 2005, it’s getting back into its normal life because of the world bank aid and development Europeans fonds. Nowadays, it’s great to travel with them.


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  1. i took the train back in the 80’s when i was toddler and remembered how cool and long it was from tana. this is a wonderful post , thank you for sharing it with us (the entire blogosphere!)

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