The big market or bazary be

This grand hall( bazary be) is constructed in 1899 during the colonization period. At that time it was a market for the Europeans. It’s very strong hall because it could resist the violent cyclone in 1927, which was destroyed almost Tamatave town. It attracts a lot of persons here in Tamatave for their daily shoppings. You can enjoy this very old hall, which is surrounded also a very old buildings such as: casa créoles, Chinese shops.

Then, enjoy the colors, the perfums, numerous of fruits, flowers and spices in this big market such as: vanilla, cinnamons, cloves, pepers… The short time of tour of this big market, you can discover already a crafts richness of Madagascar. You will see also the numerous articles on displaying such as basketworks, something made from rafia, precious stones, silvers jewels treated dy hand or zebu horns, music intruments made from bamboo in particular the <<valiha>> with strings, cabinet-makers, clothes, hats… COME AND BUY!!!



  1. Voa-kitikitika sy maniry ny hitsidika an’i Toamasina izahay rehefa avy namaky ny fanazavanao … ary indrindra nahita ireo sary tsara 😀 Tohizò fa mahaliana

  2. Miandry anareo zahay aty eh.

  3. za tena te hividy 1 ireny satroka ireny mintsy
    otrin zao ny 1 less? 😛

  4. Tsy mila mividy ela fa handefasako 1 kom Kdo, lol

  5. i am buying it!
    this serie on tamatave is wonderful patrick, we’re sending them to the journals so you’ll be hearing from us soon ,…im so excited for you!!! and thank you for everything you’re doing for Foko tamatave and Foko you!

  6. 1 million for one hat, hahaha! This serie is not yet finished, I do hope that I can finish it from next week before leading you to discover another wonderful place around Antsinanana region.

  7. I love your blog, it’s the first one in english I discovered about Tamatave. I was born there and will be there for christmas holidays; hope we will see each other
    see you

  8. Yeah, of course may meet me, why noy? we’re in the same boat now. Just call me when you come here. Where do you live?

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