Tamatave’s Alliance Française or Christian Bang Villa

This sumptuous villa belonged to Bang families, which established in the end of 19th centuary. They are Norwegian who essembled the wood construction usine in 1900.



Since for more than one decade, this villa sheltered this French Alliance: culturel association in which, there are a library and it proposes a diverse of articles such as French course, movies projections, conference, workshops,….

This house is the only one specimen of big classic categories of Creole hut in the end of 19th centuary.


It is built in 1885 on a T plan and with lot of levels. Like this one is very rare to find here in Tamatave. It si enough big in compare to the others. It is made on a pile, with 100% of wood and green and white painted. The way of roofing is in a bards with two inclined. It is very remarkable and they are still well conserved until nowadays. The Christian Bang’s villa has one veranda on three sides with very nice friezes. Also it has a principal central stairs and each one of the two sides have small stairs.



The central path is the symmetrical axe of this villa and as well of the garden.

So you guys!!! If you have an opportunity to visit Tamatave, don’t forget to visit this very nice villa and enjoy to walk in its garden covered by flowers and plants as well


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  1. Bang families houses are soooo beautiful, I had the chance to visit few ones, they are architecturally bioutifoul (lol)
    great post and great expertise master!

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