Tamatave’s Casa Creoles

 trano-gasymaison-creole                                                               mahambo-toamasina                                                                                                    


Well, after walking around Tamatave’s bazary be, let’s go to discover the old quarters( area) of Tamatave now.

Since for 19th centuary, Europeans people( more precisely Mascareignes people) were decided to live here in Tamatave. They built their habitations like Creoles style of house architectures. If we talk about Madagascar, these houses are typically in East Coast only, because of its climate resemblance to an other island in Indian ocean. And we still can see a huge number of them until nowadays, especially in Anjoma and Ampasimazava here in Tamatave.

There are a lot of different kind of Creoles house here in Tamatave like: small woody hut with a sheet metal roof, and modern hut made from cement and rock, and the big hut sometimes called in turret,….

All these hut are Creoles houses style because of their caracteristics elements such as: one courtyard, a portal, a rectangle plan with a symmetrical which is to distribute the room. Two or four incined ways of roofing which is can resist a wind. One more or less big garden. And also with central path, one staires: sometimes simple and central, but sometimes it’s double and lateral with one veronda often closed.

In addition, these huts are always made on a pile so that the wind can pass easily and also to avoid the humidity, and they are all decorated with: friezes, colors,….

Lot of Creoles houses are very strong and resistant from insects, cyclone, rain, and a wind. But the lack of upkeeping and urbanizing, are very serious menaces.

Convivials and esthetics, these Creoles huts are adapted in a climate conditions and make up an unestimable national heritage. Emerging to a local traditions, it must be conserve and to be developed.

Hey guyz!!! COME to visit Tamatave and you will enjoy them.


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