The Column place


Formerly, this large place was called Ambalamangahazo, literally means cassava field. In fact <<Bien Aimé>> place habitants actual planted this plants here. Before becoming column place in 1911, this place was very large cemetry, and of course the road along the cemetry called column rue in that time. This quarter of Ampasimazava habitants were buried only here.

Some person’s thought that, the name of column place is from the tomb’s placement which were in a column.

In 1898, French people changed the place for memorizing the soldiers who were died for the homeland. From that time, this place is became a green place with a lot of trees, flowers, benchs and attracts a lot of strolling visitors.

This column place is very large and it’s divided in three parts:

In the first part, we can find a very famous column.the-famous-column-in-tamatave

In the second has one small kiosk, which is constructed in the 80 years period for receiving folk party. But unfortunately it is getting destroyed nowadays.

And the third part has a ritual post, this third one is separated to the others by Joffre boulevard. It has very clear specific charactes because it endows with sacred place where we can practice our rite: praise to the ancestors. This place is still recent(1983) and is marked by ritual post presence with zebu heads. It is a place where Malagasy people meet for having their vow from ancestors by p


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