Bien Aimé place

Also called Banians place, this place is the heart historical of Tamatave. In here, we can find Ampasimazava village. Before pirates arrival in 17th centuary, this place was called Ampasimanolotra. According to the orals sources it was sacred place where we practiced our religion and the veneration of ancestors or <<Razana>>. This place belonged to one distinguished woman, gaudy and prophet who called Timasy Vavitiana in that time. After her death, lot of Malagasy were still continuing to practice an ancestors rites here. Then because of the settler arrival, this worship place of Timasy Vavitiana with its specificities are disappeared.


After that, this plas was used like transiting of Haoussa workers, Senegalese, Indochinese, Chinese, Indians and Kabyles. Then it became a simple place for a games, festivities which were organised by Bien Aimé who was a French Amiral, arrived here in Tamatave in 1883. May be a coincidence, but the meanning of Amiral Bien Aimé’s name and the prophet Vavitiana is the same.

The Banians majestic’s tree of Bien Aimé place are from Indian which were planted aronud 1920. To be noted that their scientific’s name is ficus religiosa, and these trees have a creeps, on touching a sol, they become a new roots. AMAZING!!!


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