I love Tamatave

Until nowadays, Tamatave is still the second town of Madagascar. It gives a very strong strengh of Madagascar’s economics. Here, you can find vanilla, cloves, coffee, bananas,….I see that that is the reason why our President Marc RAVALOMANANA called Tamatave like an economic capital of Madagascar and I’m pretty sure that that is not accidentally.

Now it’s a summer period, so the time is back for the litchis campaign. If we talk about litchis, lot of people want to pay visit Tamatave, you are right because I’m telling you that litchis is not bad to be tasted. According to me, I like it, I love, I adore it.litchis

May be for that reason also Antsinanana region and Zain Madagascar in callaboration with tourism ministry are organizing one festival title<< Avy litchis festival>>. It is a very big opportunity of Tamataveians get to know and let people know the importance of taking care of agricultural products until their exportation. It is also a time when we can show our cultural weath which are to differ us to the other regions in Madagascar. You see how beautiful here and how tasted fuits the lichis


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