Ivoloina Zoo

After walking around Tamatave town, now let’s take the national road number 5


The parc is located 12km north of Tamatave, go traight on road national number 5 towards Foulpoint and turn left on the secondary road at the Ivoloina river (don’t cross the river!) and turn left again at the Ivoloina zoo and forestry station sign at the large picnic area.

It is a regiona center which promotes the concervation of Madagascar’s unique and endangered animals and plants. The Madagascar Fauna Group has worked and still work in collaboration with Madagascar’s ministry of water and forest; the province of Tamatave and local school districts to develop Parc Ivoloina’s animal faciliies and envoronemental education programs. The MFG is an international non profit consortium of 38 zoological parks and conservation center with its headquarters at the San Francesco Zoo in California, USA.

Into the parc you can see over 100 lemurs of 13 different species and subspecies. Many of the lemurss are free-ranging in the forests near bthe zoo.

See and learn about Madagascar’s endangered lemurs including:

*Ringtailed lemurs                         =Lemur catta
*Brown lemurs                               =Eulemur fulvus fulvus
*Red-fronted lemurs                     =Eulemur fulvus rufus
*White-fronted lemurs                  =Eulemur fulvus albifrons
*Red’bellied lemurs                       =Eulemur rubriventer
*Crowned lemurs                          =Eulemur coronatus
*Black lemurs                                =Eulemur macoco macoco
*Blue’eyed lemurs                         =Eulemur macoco flavifrons
*Black and white ruffed lemurs    =Varicia variegata variegata
*Grey gentle lemurs                     =Hapalemur griseus griseus
*Alaotran gentle lemurs               =Hapalemur greseus alaotransis
*Greater bamboo lemurs              =Hapalemur simus
*Aye-aye                                      =Daubentonia Madagascariensis
black-and-rl lemiriens cameleon boa beim1
You’ll also see reptiles that are unique to Madagascar: beautiful Radiated tortoises, Spider tortoises, Boa snakes and cryptic Chameleons. Many of the animals have been born at the parc Ivoloina in their conservation breeding programs. Some animals were confiscated by authorities from people who kept them illegally, either as pets or for the illegal export trade. OK then, THERE WE WIll MEET

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  1. mann! the latin names are so lool, anyway thanks for sharing.
    By the way Lomelle and I tagged you for this game 😀

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