Est Pangalane Channel

ravinala ala-in-the-evening ankaninofy canal-de-pangalane pangalane

The Est coast long-side has around 665km is only: lake’s multitudes and the naturas lagoon, separated from Indian Ocean by a very thin sol fringe(from north of Tamatve to South ofFarafangana). The fittings out are permitted to tie these waterway between them, and espacially to give an access to this navigable way a barges, for ensuring the secirityies of navigation.

The  Pangalane channel answers the commercial needs at this Est coast long-side, because of the river port fittings out in severals towns traversed by the channel, lot of products are transported by. After the rehabilitation at the end of 1980, 430km of the channel became navigable from Tamatave river port to Manajart’s.

Along this channel, you’ll discover a very beautiful place such as:

Ankanin’Ny nofy: literally means dream nest,

The palmariums: situated on 35ha of island surrounded of Ampitabe lake, some kilometers from<< Buch house>>. This private reserve shelters around 100000 of palm trees which are we can not find no more else around the glob. The most famous are:Dypsis, Ravenae, Orania and also Voanioala and Lemurophoenix. Around ten lemurs species are living in this place (Indri Indri, Varicia Variegate, Propithecs, Aye Aye,…)

Ambila lemaitso: sea site is existed since for colonization period.

Manambato: very nice beach, with its white sand and  also near wild nature which is very calm.

So came here guyz, you’ll satisfied of your travel along this channel from Tamatave ’till Mananjary.

canal ravinala-palm canal-de-pangalane1


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