Foulpoint Tamatave


Foulpoint is the most famous place for the tourism here in Tamatave. It’s exactly 54km north of Tamatve. After having visited a national park of Ivoloina, I’d like to advice you to pay visit Foulpoint.

In Foulpoint, we can find a very splendid Fort<<Manda>>. It is a Merina Fort made by Radama 1st between 1826 and 1831. It’s situated 1km North West of the village.

The fort is made from a rocks/stones, corals powder mixed with eggs white and latex from plants or trees to fix them. It’s so strong, amazing.

From inside, the wall has one way for the gait with a windows for the cannon(gun) and another round way to join them to the stairs. Also inside of the fort there are a commander house, prison, kitchen. Outside, there is one powder magazine and one well to breed the Fort people. 4 batteries are situated around 2km of the principal Fort, and another fort which is for withdrawal is placed 22km from the principal Fort. This second one is not as known as the principal Fort because the way to get there is already covered by forest. It was only to against the french arrival.

After getting tired to the Fort tour, you can have a rest to the Manda Beach hotel, with its traditional construction surrounded by luxurian with swimming pool, tennis, and other games. Indeed you’ll enjoy your time on the beach. You can imagine from these picture how beatiful is the hotel.




  1. HI,c’est très jolie cette place ;moi j’espère un jour passée quelques jours de vacances la bas.

  2. Vi1 alor, t’è tro silencieuz Diana, poukwa? ca fè trè lon tan ke j’ai pa reçu ta nouvel de twa

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