Why should we blog on Africa?

foko Mada

foko Mada

It’s getting a popular question now. This question concerns only Africa, right? According to me, I’m blogging to discover a realities and news from a particular place or all around the glob as well. As you know, informations are like an authorities, you become more strong if you’re informed of all the news which are happen in a particular place. Also in blogging, we share one another our happiness, and our sadness. We’re all here to help one another.So guyz, let’s blog, to share what your plan is, what you have, what you know, what you discover. With that endeavour, this world is going to change completely in the better way. So if we want to kick the tiger in his ass, we’d better have a plan for dealing with his teeth.



  1. we’ve folks like you guyz watching after Africa, this century is going to be filled wih successes in every levels.
    let’s cheer FOKO!

  2. JoGanY> I’ll cross my finger. I will leave a message to my grandchildren so they will check for us ahahahah joke from DagoTiako as usual

    I sincerely believe that we are getting more and more conscious that we do need CHANGE and we do need to ACT now

  3. Yeah, as B. Obama’s slogan:<>

  4. Yeah, as Barak Obama’s slogan says:<>

  5. Yeah, change we need as Barak Obama’s slogan

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