dscn1241After its four years of its existence, BUEC is getting more than important. Yesterday there was special envent which I never seen during its existence. Why? because now it’s time for a vocation, as you know all of BUEC ‘s member are University student so they will miss the capus during 4 months, also we will miss BUEC as well. so some members are already back into their home town but the member who are still here in Tamatave, we fixed an appointment somewhere in town yesterday and then we played, we daced, we drank together for saying GOOD BYE ’till we meet again,…Then we discussed about the importance of English in these days. Was hot, and cool also.

But in other hand, now we’re on the way to creat our own web site, but in term of materials as the first President of BUEC says (Mr Vohary or BBC): it’s goes slowly because of the lack of materials such as computer and the access to the internet, is still a biggest broblem for the students, yeah it’s true that there a cyber café in the campus but it goes too slow, so impossible for uploading some pictures. He said also, he really want all of the member can express English correctly, but that needs a lot of effort from eah students but that not enough if there is no teacher or some tape or CD video, to teach us what exactly the student must do, also very diffiocult to attend the aims. Now, we all say: Good bye, next year again.

Note that only BUEC says good bye but Patrick will be always with you here to blog.

So guyz click on BUEC and you will see what we have done in term of our web site. BUEC won’t foget



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  1. Congrats to BUEC. I am positive you all will reunite soon. Till then, enjoy the coming holidays.

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