Nowadays, AIDS is getting the most common problem around the world. Yeah, it’s true that Madagascar is very beautiful country, in which there is lot of species of animals and plants which are find no more else around the glob. So lot of foreigners want to discover how beatiful exactly this sweet country is. Many of them are going in search of sex and sometimes love. The sexual tourism also is caused by misery and need, money, which will fulfill the desire of an exotic adventure in a poor countries as Madagascar. It is the one most common contamination cause of HIV in this world, especially in Africans countries. As you already know that, now Madagascar still has the lowest HIV rate in Sub-Saharan Africa, with less than one percent of its people infected.

It is an original of Patrick's hand-drowing

It is an original of Patrick

To maintain or reduce and why not to abolish this very dangerous disease, right now, this island is waging one the most aggressive campaigns to fight agaist AIDS on the continent, a model for how to prevent HIV and try to improve the basic health care at the same time.

Now I’d like to deliver my thinkful to Malagasy government for his very big effort to fight against AIDS. As we see all around Madagascar from Ivato where is our first international airport, the warming posters, to inform the visitors that Madagascar says ” No to sex tourism” and ” Malagasy women are not tourism souvenir”

One more message to end:” Better prevent than cure


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