Who am I?


English is like,
moonlight at night,
Am I right?
I think so, it’s so bright

I’m always dreaming,
To let down English,
‘coz also Italian, Spanish,
They can give me the same feeling.

Now, I’m standing, waiting,
For something to happen,
But always, nothing, nothing,
Is going to change.

That is mean,
Sun is above,
I love English,
I couldn’t move
Without English.





  1. The title reminds me of a Jackie Chan movie

    english is great… well, not that great but let’s say useful.
    I love spanish too.
    I’m still planing to learn it someday 😛

  2. Really, ok I can give you much more poetry and those can give you the same feeling, I have a lot of documents of Spanish guy but how can I help you? Note that I don’t speak Spanish as you thought, I only speak English, Italian, French and Malagasy. Now I’m still learning Spanish too. But we’re all here to help one another. No? Yeah. My name is Patrick from Foko Tamatave. And you?

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