My Favorite Festivity

tambiroMadagascar is among of the countries which are rich on a cultural and traditional festivities. The most famous one is the “famadihana” (turning of the bones). But this time is my biggest opportunity to let the people around the glob knows what “tambirô” is. It exists only in the North East coast of Madagascar, includes North Mananara, the town where my roots is. In term of festivities, it is my favorite one, because you can work and at the same time you can have fun with a lot of friends, because for the Malagasy people:” it is better to lose money than friendship.”magnosy

“Tamborô”? literally means broth hiring. If we are going to talk about “tambirô”, it is our very very big event work party, in wich lots people can be together to mix up their strengths in working together for one thing. Oftenly, during this event, the broth is zebu meat. The organizator of the “tambirô” must slaught one zebu for the people who are coming into this work party(Tambirô). In Madagascar, the “Fihavanana” (Families relationships) and the consolidations are very important, and that’s why many people are coming for the “Tambirô” after having heard that there is a “Tambirô” somewhere around the city. For instance: you want to plant thousand and thousand hectares of rice field and you don’t know how to finish it as soon as it must be, you just say “Tambirô” to the people around you, then you’ll have a thousand of people are coming to help you to fulfill your work. In this area, “Tambirô” is the only one way to finish a very much of work in a very short time, because here, there is not yet a mechanical materials such as a tractor.

Dihy gasy

Dihy gasy

In term of “Tambirô”, many people think that it is like a “Lampogno”. Yeah, “Lampogno” also is the other one way which we used to fulfill our work as faster as possible. they are little bit same but not at all. We practice “Lampogno” only in a half day (often in the afternoon), no lunch. But for the “Tambirô”, morning until the evening, of course we have our lunch there. Both are often ended by having wine and dine with all the people who are coming into the party. After the organizator oral thankfulness at the end of the work, he must offer some “Betsabetsa” (a malagasy alcohol, wich is used like an official drink during the traditional event here in Madagascar) to the people. All this, with backgroung music of “Hira Gasy” (Malagasy song), this art wich on its own includes oratorio, dance, choreography, accapella and acrobatics.

For the Malagasy people, getting together is always an immense pleasure, which is why everyone can’t wait the next “Tambirô”. It is an opportunities which should not be missed since, like some comets, it happens so quick and very rare. The entire village feels warm because we have one laugh, one eats, one dance, one sing and one strength. As Malagasy proverb says: “United we stand, divided we fall.” In the North Mananara, it is only for the “Tambirô” that it is possible to gather such very huge number of people. Amazing!!! To sum it up, I DO LOVE “TAMBIRÔ”




  1. thankx Patrick I never heard about this before, it sure looks more ….joyful than the famadihana!

  2. And you managed to put some pics, cool.
    We should have a “Tambirô” to clean up the the whole Tana some day.

  3. thx for talking ’bout “Tambirô”. FS (frankly speaking), I’ve never heard ’bout this before.

    I’m so hungry. Can you serve the meal now? 🙂

  4. OK, I’ll do one “Tamborô” just for you and there you can eat as much as you can lol

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