Green boy

Green boy

Green boy

Now, lot of children are going to beg on the street for the christmas and the new year party. But this guy is different from the others. Instead of going to beg, he’s using his talent for fetching money. Look at his suppleness and his

Green boy

Green boy

strength, like a snake, bending very easily. He makes a show in a crowd people place then he only asks an offerings from the assistance. In one day he can get not less than Ar 20 000 per show. He’s so talented but unfortunately he doesn’t go to school.

Green boy is still very young for working because, he is only 14 years old. But you know he has a dream like all the children. He want to make a very big show on the stage one day but as he said he hasn’t any hope to intend his endeavor because he is poor and indeed hasn’t any access to go to school.
Yeah, it’s really true that a person is always different. Everybody is amazing. So, you guys, make different like this Green boy, even your voice might be makes you different from your friends. And you know, that’s can bring a very big change in your society.

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Green boy

Green boy



  1. cool post… we have those street circus in Tana. I blogged one of them.

    See link

  2. This guy is amazing!!
    We have lots of talented kids like him in here and they are obliged to show their skills for livehood. There’s also these little kids playing vakodrazana all around the town in Tana. I’ll picture them some day.

  3. Very very good !!! with all the children looking at him. We can learn a lot about children in this post and the video

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