2009 New year’s eve in Tamatave

Like usual, here in Tamatave, many families are getting together to wait for the December 31st midnight, the time when all the families are starting to celebrate the new year.

But Tamatave’s tourguides were waiting for it in a different way. This last day of 2008 year, we had a biggest COSTA EUROPEA CROCIERE with 1700 packs from all around the glob. That required a lot of differents quality of tourguides such as: French guides, English guides, Italian duides, German guides, Spanish guides, Russian guides,….

Personally, this time was quite different for me. Why? Because I always used to guide an Anglophone people but this time was an Italian people. Before, I was afraid, I didn’t expect that I could manage to speak Italian during all along the day. Yeah, I still got some problems sometimes but it was OK. They were feeling alright to have me as their guide. It was my first time to guide an Iralian people but it was great.

As I told you from the beginning that, it’ quite different. As you know, it’s very nice to be with the family during such event but all the guides who were working in COSTA EUROPEA, instead of having fun with our families, we were all with our clients to have fun. We’re leading them to visit IVOLOINA ( the village where we can find a very

Costa Europea

Costa Europea

famous botanical park here in Atsinanana region), and to let them enjoyed the Tamatave tourtown. Indeed, we’re all with our clients to look at the fireworks on the beach at night before they are leaving for ” La Reunion”. All of the tourguides and the tourists as well shared one another our happiness to see the beginning of 2009 (the new year). This very special event will stay in my memory forever. I was feeling like I’m with my family because we shared one another the best of ourdelves during all along the day. In term of atmosphere, I do hope that the next visit of COSTA EUROPEA here in Tamatave on 14th of this January will be the same of I felt to the Italians people. They are so kind and special “Coucou” for my smallest client called SIRIA, was becoming very close friend to me: Alla prossima volta la mia cara piccola SIRIA.


In summary, they were all enjoyed their visit here in Tamatave because, the new year party preparation gave a new looks of Tamatave, it was and will be always nice looking aspecially along the independence avenue. And also, we, the tourguides were enjoyed with them as well. I do hope that this new year will bring us the best of our lives. One little message to end this: ” Le vacanze non durano tutta la vita”. Tanti auguro allora. Felice anno e buona fortuna a tutti!!! Bacione!!!


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  1. happy new year patrick ! you seem to have a blast i so envy you! sooooo when is the nexr post in italian????

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