Costa day

Costa day

Two years now, we have Costa crociere two times a month here in Tamatave. Last year, we had Costa marina crociere and this year we have Costa Europa. Oftenly, they pass here in Madagascar coast in a hot season period because it is very cold in Europa. So they are going to warm themselves. As you know Madagascar has a lot of wondrerful place for tourists in which there are a lot of beautiful places and endemics species of fauna and flora. Costa Europa have chosen to visit Nosy be, Diego and Tamatave before leaving for << La Reunion>>. Now it is Costa day here in Madagascar.

Costa day1

Costa day1

If we talk about Costa crociere in Madagascar, not only Tamatave’s but also Nosy be and Diego’s people couldn’t wait for the next visit of them. Why? because during the Costa visit, many people are going to profit for their own business. It gives Madagascar’s economic better health. During Costa day also Malagasy people and the tourists as well are feeling happy because it’s our very big opportunity to make an exchange. In term of tourists, they can discover 13 species of lumers in 71 species which are exist in Madagascar; 3 species of reptiles; birds; around 40 species of medicinal plantes; and so on… only in half day and in Tamatave. Remember that, they are all endemic species in Madagascar.

cosat day2

cosat day2

In term of tourism in Madagascar, Many foreigners also are really interested not only for the endemic species but also our ancestral culture. We’re among of the country which are rich of it including our <<Vako-drazana>> literally translated like ancestral songs. This bands of artists is among of the most famours group who are practicing an ancestral songs. I’m telling you that they are so talented, and Cosat day is the time when they can show their talents to the people around the glob.

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Costa day3

Costa day3

If we talk about tourism, don’t forget the tourguides. There are four guides assiciatins here in Tamatave but RAVINALA guide association in which Théophile and I belongs is the most famous one. This association speaks: French, English, Italiano, German, Arabic, Russian and why not Malagasy. We have 31 members in this association. RAVINALA has a very knowledgeable guides. So if you’re aiming to visit Madagascar don’t forget to contact RAVINALA.

Ravinala guides

Ravinala guides



  1. wow… coooooooooooooooool

    I’d love to make a cruise.

  2. omg! Patrick the new video is amazing !! Thank you for everything you’re doing for tamatave!

  3. So business is going well Pat uh? :p lool. As I see you are all young people at Ravinala, that’s cool 🙂

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