New year’s wishes


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This last week, the transport minister and also coach minister of Atsinanana region, Mr Botozaza Pierrot was in Tamatave. Tamatave is the town where he is from. For the Malagasy people, the new year’s whishes is like a kinds of custom. And this minister was presenting the government whishes to all the Tamatavians citizens. In Tamatave 1st, there is five differents << Fokontany>>’s union in which he offered three zebus and three tons of white rice each from the government for whising and encouraging Tamatavians to continue their great effort for the development of Tamatave incuding Tanambao 5, Ambodimanga, Anjoma, Ankirihiry and Morarano <<Fokotany>>’s unios. This event leaded by Mr Botozaza Pierrot was assisted by Atsinanana region chief, Mr Andriamorasata Julien and the mayor of Tamatave, Mr Rakotomanana Gervé.


This official visit of minister Botozaza Pierrot is also the time when he profited to talk about the government political for the development of Madagascar and as well Tamatave, the town chose by President Marc Ravalomanana as an economic capital of Madagascar. So he met to the six Universities President of six Universities in Madagascar to discuss about LMD, is the new education systems which must be started this next school year.


Also he met to all journalists in Tamatave with SPAT ( Societé de Port Autonome de Toamasina) President at Bateau Ivre hotel this last friday. Because in term of development of Madagascar, this big Port is our economic lung, so whithout this Port, our economic situation will be in dangered. He mentioned that, this year is the year of works and development. if we talk about development, the journalists also have a very heavy tasks for the development, because they have to inform all the news happen in the country but only must to be honest ( tell the truth).

dscn1850At the end, he invited all Tamatavians to focus only on the development of Madagascar but not wasting time on political conflict. Madagascar needs all of us as he said.

Now I let you enjoy the Tangalamena ( wise and oldest people) impressions in Morarano Fokotany union after having three  zebus and thre tons of white rice from Malagasy government

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