Dia be for democracy

Rolland Ratsiraka on the stage

Rolland Ratsiraka on the stage

Many many people are coming here into this place ( Ankirihiry market street) this last tuesday morning for democracy. After having heard Tana’s movement few days ago. which is leaded by Andry Rajoelina, the mayor of the capital who was fighting for democracy. This last tuesday was a time for Mr Rolland Ratsiraka. He was organising this ” Dia be”, literally mean ” Big walk” for asking a real democracy in Madagascar and indeed governement transition because he doesn’t want President Marc Ravalomanana governing any more. He said that this ” Dia be” is for starting before the second one which will take place at Barikadimy’s stadium this next sunday to prove that Tamatavians love one another and won’t never separated by anyone. Those must be done with calmness and in a normal ways. fire Normally, after Rolland Ratsiraka movement, there weren’t be any riot before sunday according to what he said during the ” Dia be”. But as we all know that, in such event like this, there is always someone who want to take an advantage of something like this to do something bad

Magro was on the fire

Magro was on the fire

to another person such as breaking a shop stores, robbing and so on.

After the “Dia be” movement, a very huge number of gangs bands were going together to fire a BIANCO office after having stolen all the things in and at the same time MAGRO Tanambao 5, which belong to President Marc Ravalomanana.

Only in this day, many many of stores are already broken here and that was nonstop during one and half day. So since for yesterday here in Tamatave, it looks calm but some say that, they will continue their strike this saturday, and of course sunday, again Rolland R will be on the stage one more time. Until now, we don’t know haw many exacty had already died but the thing that I can say, it already more than ten persons because of civilians and policemen contact.


So here, life is getting more and more difficult because many people didn’t expected this political problem. Now, we live under unsecurities, all the price of the products for people first necessities are increasing, sometimes, people couldn’t find what they’re going to eat. Until now, we don’t know when exactly it will be end up. Madagascar needs as a quick as possible solution now%



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  1. This is citizen journalism at its best , you stayed very neutral and witnessed the day from A to Z but…the risk!!! please stay safe friends!

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