Have you ever tasted an “ôvotro”?

The « ôvotro » is a whitest and softest part inside of the « Ravinala » ( travelling tree). From Ravinala, nothing is lost. It’s very useful palm tree for the Malagasy daily life, especially in the countryside. Do you know that: the roof, the wall, the ground, and the rope in a one house typically Malagasy are all from Ravinala? Yeah, that’s true.


In term of Malagasy food, we can have an “ôvotro” for a very tasty broth. And at the same time clean water from its trunks which we can drink and why not to cook the “ôvotro” with. Look at this woman, she is preparing her dish with an “ôvotro”. According to what she said, we can for sure mix the “ôvotro” with a: coconuts, spinach, pawpaw,…. But for this time she is going to mix the “ôvotro” with a beans. They are all very delicious food.

Indeed many people use it also as a medical treatment for: stomach ache, blood pressure. Just boil the “ôvotro” and then you drink much, you will feel better.


Puddle at “Bazary Kely”

Bazary kely

Bazary kely

In Madagascar, Tamatave is the second most rainy town after Maroantsetra. Here, it’s almost raining all along the year. The people are already used to live with. They’re feeling always at ease even working under the rain. That is Tamatave. And now, it’s storm period, the rain is getting much more as usual and the town is covered by much puddle everywhere you go. Like here in “Bazary Kely” literally means “small market”, it’s already on the puddle after half day of rain because the land is very low altitude from the sea level. The market is dirty and stinky. The water can’t get out from in, because the channels are full of garbage and it blocks the puddle’s ways.

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The main problem is, many people in here are still using a drums w.c and the pulling pumps . Then when the rain is coming, the pooh drums are full of puddle and it’s spreading all around the area. So the water from the pulling pumps also is getting dirty. Here everything is going to swim on the puddle.

Bazary Kely

Bazary Kely

Barikadimy’s United English Club (BUEC) 2009

After few weeks from now, BUEC will reunite again for next University school year after having three months of vocations. It’s an English club which help the students at University of Tamatave to have enough practice in English. In this club, there is no teacher neither students, we help one another, I mean you teach me and I teach you.

patrickThis next school year, we’re going to focus on MAD about writing project in collaboration with American students. MAD is short for Madagascar and also means “passionate”. Since for 2005, BUEC met saxe middle school teachers Holly Martocci and John Moses with an American naturalists Katy McDanial and Matthew Black at University of Tamatave we already dreamed for this project. And this year viewed as the universal language of the global economy, the English club of Tamatave University students were excited by the opportunity to learn English from them. Recently John and Holly sent an e-mail to BUEC aiming to develop our communication by exchanging each other some articles between them and us here in Madagascar. Why not to accept because a practice is not only speaking but also writing and reading. This serves us as a basis for learning to read and write in English about American culture, history and science. In return, the students in new canaan will receive written responses that includes Malagasy history, culture, science and insightful perspective on many different kinds of themes such as: freedom, friendship,…through e-mail.

18Now many students after having gotten their BACC degree are aiming to continue their studies at University of Tamatave, you’re all welcome to BUEC. Make hay when the sun is sunning.

Life in Tamatave

il rizo sul mercato locale

il rizo sul mercato locale

Three weeks now, Tamatave also was touched by political problem, which is already a national problem now. Regarding of its consequences, many citizens are suffering to survive. It’s true that the government is helping the people against the hunger by offering a rice with very low price (is the Malagasy basic food) but that is not enough for survival, because one person may not buy more than 5 kg. In other hand, 1 kg cost 1500 Ar on the local market against 1000 Ar before this crises. Note that that is a sample .

i turisti a Tamatave

i turisti a Tamatave

In term of tourism, many people are in trouble because of the problem. You know, we already missed three cruises in three weeks only. It’s very hard to think. Personally, I do hope that, it’s won’t be any longer.

Although, it’s calm here for the moment. Many things are already going well

Throne Mass

photo-002Yesterday was a special sunday for all the catholics christians here in Tamatave diocese. This last November, 24th, 2008, His Grace René Joseph Rakotondrabe has left his throne for retirement. He spent 37 years of cervice as a bishop in his life which in 20 years was only in Tamatave diocese. Only the day when he left his throne, Pope Benoit 16 appointed His Grace Désiré Tsarahazana as his successor. Yesterday, was a very huge ceremonious to make official the new heir to the throne. This very big mass took place in the large Holy Joseph boy cathedral courtyard and was assisted by dioceses leaders around Madagascar; Tamatave’s authorities such as Atsinanana region chief Mr Andriamorasata Julien, The mayor of Tamatave Rakotomanana Gervé, ex-deputy of Tamatave Mrs Jouanita and indeed ” Nionce apostolique” His Grace Kassuja Augustin was preseting there also for Pope Benoit 16.

photo-001After the opening ceremony, Kassuja Augustin started from reading the text writen by Benoit 16 in Greek language then translated in Malagasy to designate  His Grace Désiré Tsarahazan as a next bishop who will work  in Tamatave diocese. Then many many people were coming  to congrate and offer him something to mark this special sunday, on the other hand, he gave his new photo to the givers also.

Yesterday was his first time to lead a liturgy after having his walking stick for governing.

As a ceremony, many people marked this special event by making a different kinds of show for the new bishop.

At the end of the ceremony, almost of the importants people took a speech to give their impressions and they didn’t forget to thank to the Lord God who gives us an opportunity to realise this mass. The only one thing impressed me best there was the new bishop slogan: ”  …, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21.

Some say that, in many years ago, Tamatave diocese didn’t have such event like this. It was really wonderful reception ceremony. And life continue….