Barikadimy’s United English Club (BUEC) 2009

After few weeks from now, BUEC will reunite again for next University school year after having three months of vocations. It’s an English club which help the students at University of Tamatave to have enough practice in English. In this club, there is no teacher neither students, we help one another, I mean you teach me and I teach you.

patrickThis next school year, we’re going to focus on MAD about writing project in collaboration with American students. MAD is short for Madagascar and also means “passionate”. Since for 2005, BUEC met saxe middle school teachers Holly Martocci and John Moses with an American naturalists Katy McDanial and Matthew Black at University of Tamatave we already dreamed for this project. And this year viewed as the universal language of the global economy, the English club of Tamatave University students were excited by the opportunity to learn English from them. Recently John and Holly sent an e-mail to BUEC aiming to develop our communication by exchanging each other some articles between them and us here in Madagascar. Why not to accept because a practice is not only speaking but also writing and reading. This serves us as a basis for learning to read and write in English about American culture, history and science. In return, the students in new canaan will receive written responses that includes Malagasy history, culture, science and insightful perspective on many different kinds of themes such as: freedom, friendship,…through e-mail.

18Now many students after having gotten their BACC degree are aiming to continue their studies at University of Tamatave, you’re all welcome to BUEC. Make hay when the sun is sunning.


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