Puddle at “Bazary Kely”

Bazary kely

Bazary kely

In Madagascar, Tamatave is the second most rainy town after Maroantsetra. Here, it’s almost raining all along the year. The people are already used to live with. They’re feeling always at ease even working under the rain. That is Tamatave. And now, it’s storm period, the rain is getting much more as usual and the town is covered by much puddle everywhere you go. Like here in “Bazary Kely” literally means “small market”, it’s already on the puddle after half day of rain because the land is very low altitude from the sea level. The market is dirty and stinky. The water can’t get out from in, because the channels are full of garbage and it blocks the puddle’s ways.

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The main problem is, many people in here are still using a drums w.c and the pulling pumps . Then when the rain is coming, the pooh drums are full of puddle and it’s spreading all around the area. So the water from the pulling pumps also is getting dirty. Here everything is going to swim on the puddle.

Bazary Kely

Bazary Kely


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  1. Looks like the Floating market in Bangkok 🙂

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