Have you ever tasted an “ôvotro”?

The « ôvotro » is a whitest and softest part inside of the « Ravinala » ( travelling tree). From Ravinala, nothing is lost. It’s very useful palm tree for the Malagasy daily life, especially in the countryside. Do you know that: the roof, the wall, the ground, and the rope in a one house typically Malagasy are all from Ravinala? Yeah, that’s true.


In term of Malagasy food, we can have an “ôvotro” for a very tasty broth. And at the same time clean water from its trunks which we can drink and why not to cook the “ôvotro” with. Look at this woman, she is preparing her dish with an “ôvotro”. According to what she said, we can for sure mix the “ôvotro” with a: coconuts, spinach, pawpaw,…. But for this time she is going to mix the “ôvotro” with a beans. They are all very delicious food.

Indeed many people use it also as a medical treatment for: stomach ache, blood pressure. Just boil the “ôvotro” and then you drink much, you will feel better.



  1. Very interesting.
    I saw, sometimes they use palm trees “satrana”, to build houses too… we’re very creative and most importantly, soooooooooo exotic 😛

    doest it taste good though?
    I mean the avotro 🙂
    any recipe to make the tsaramaso sy avotro? 😛

  2. Ya man! it’s very delicious especially with a coconut, Mmmh that’s a Malagasy food.

  3. did not know about Ravinala being used for so many things

  4. Ja man, we can do many thing with ravinala.

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