Why beach volley?

In term of volley-ball, Tamatave also has a very good players. In general, they don’t know where/how can they show their talents, because of the lack of the national and/or regional competitions. As we know that, this Atsinanana region has many seaside resorts such as: a rscn3322very famous Foulpoint, Tahity kely, …, and why not Tamatave ( Bateau Ivre ), which are all can be exploited for the beach volley. That’s the reason why Mr Stéphane ( is the President of “Stef’auto volley-ball club of Tamatave” and also the initiator of this first beach volley tournament here in Tamatave to organize this competition, indeed to motivate our young talented and fan of volley-ball to focus on sport but not on the things not useful for their youths.

During this competitions, there was 6 boys teams and 5 girls teams who had participated. Yesterday was the final, so “bravo” and congratulations for the winners which are the Mendrika and Emma’s team for the girls and also Dudu and Gildas’s team for the boys. As the official sponsor was Zain Madagascar, the champions got an offering rscn3287each from them. From now, the organizers of this event are already think to organize one other competition on this Easter’s holiday for giving an enjoyable moment for the students and the holidaymakers as well. And they will invite all the regions to participate in for this next tournament. They said that they met a lots of difficulties to fulfil this first one but they are going to make it better next time.


Ravinala’s outing

This last Saturday, Ravinala’s  guides association went to a splendid beach of Foulpoint. It was our first happiest time. As a tourguides, we dscn3200went there not only for having fun but also to increase our knowledge in Foulpoint, because we profited to visit lot of very important place such as: the fort ( which made by Radama first), an Italian pirate’s tomb and also the “Deux Ravinala” ‘s hotel. I think that, now you can imagine that Ravinala’s members are all passionate on their job,dscn3171 because they are always trying to give to their clients as much satisfactions as possible. For the Malagasy people “ Ravinala” is a life, so if you want to visit Madagascar especially Tamatave, don’t forget to contact Ravinala association and you will breath a fresh and new air that you have never breathed before.

Small Bosco

When I planed to go out this morning, I saw one little guy who is crawling along the street. Just watch these video and you will see how he walks like. Do you know why he is walking around alone like this? dscn3115He is looking for something to eat and also notebook and pen for his studies, because his parents can’t no more afford his and his 6 other siblings needs. After having talked to him, I offered him three notebooks and six pens. He was very happy to go back with these notebooks and pens. Note that his mother is coal seller and his father is jobless. To end this, this guy needs your help, support and love.

These are the links of the videos:



Che meravigliosa!!!



Ecco siamo finalmente alla questa splendida campagna di Sahambala. Questo comune assicura la magiorità di bisogno giornaliero della popolazione in Tamatave I. Ed anche è molto attivo alla produzione di prodotto agricolo come di : caffè, pepe, banana,… con le sue gente simpatiche. Ma il solo problemo è più difficile per giungerci a cosa della strada. Divertirvi con il questo bello paesagio.


Many people were shocked to hear what’s happen yesterday. On the other dscn28221hand, many people also were very happy at the same time. But now, I’m really surprised and I ask myself: will it really brings us a favourable solution to end up this crisis? Yesterday, there was a meeting and they celebrated the resignation of Pr Marc. R, and there will be one other meeting again this afternoon. That’s they said. Because they said that, it is not yet finished. Why? I don’t know. By the way I don’t have many things to say but let’s see what will happen. As we all know that, what will be, will be.

Ravinala guide

Ravinala guide

Only yesterday also, the last COSTA EUROPA was at Tamatave’s pier. They said goodbye for this year. It true that, because of the political problem here in Madagascar: the travel agency ( Aventour Madagascar), the guides associations, and indeed the cruises companies had very big risk to organise all the excursion for this season here in Madagascar, but God bless, they were all well done. According to what we’ve ever seen during COSTA’s season, it’s ok here. I hope that the other companies such as: Albatros, Silver Cloud,…. Will come back here again. We already miss your visit very much.