Many people were shocked to hear what’s happen yesterday. On the other dscn28221hand, many people also were very happy at the same time. But now, I’m really surprised and I ask myself: will it really brings us a favourable solution to end up this crisis? Yesterday, there was a meeting and they celebrated the resignation of Pr Marc. R, and there will be one other meeting again this afternoon. That’s they said. Because they said that, it is not yet finished. Why? I don’t know. By the way I don’t have many things to say but let’s see what will happen. As we all know that, what will be, will be.

Ravinala guide

Ravinala guide

Only yesterday also, the last COSTA EUROPA was at Tamatave’s pier. They said goodbye for this year. It true that, because of the political problem here in Madagascar: the travel agency ( Aventour Madagascar), the guides associations, and indeed the cruises companies had very big risk to organise all the excursion for this season here in Madagascar, but God bless, they were all well done. According to what we’ve ever seen during COSTA’s season, it’s ok here. I hope that the other companies such as: Albatros, Silver Cloud,…. Will come back here again. We already miss your visit very much.



  1. thank you patrick for relaying the news and sharing tamatave’s people preoccupations. we hope that tourism come back for good in your wonderful corner of the world

  2. We all hope it’s over but in fact no one knows. I’m happy for you guys COSTA’s season went well.

  3. Amen!!!

  4. Was cool Tahina, but now we’re still waiting one other company called Astor will come back soon. We do hope that they won’t be afraid.

  5. I want only one thing… This f*** crisis ends for real

  6. Hi Tahina
    Hope peace and love will be back ASAP in our beloved country. I cross my fingers for ya

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