Small Bosco

When I planed to go out this morning, I saw one little guy who is crawling along the street. Just watch these video and you will see how he walks like. Do you know why he is walking around alone like this? dscn3115He is looking for something to eat and also notebook and pen for his studies, because his parents can’t no more afford his and his 6 other siblings needs. After having talked to him, I offered him three notebooks and six pens. He was very happy to go back with these notebooks and pens. Note that his mother is coal seller and his father is jobless. To end this, this guy needs your help, support and love.

These are the links of the videos:



  1. That was a very nice gesture on your part, Patrick to give him the notebooks and pens. Keep up the good work and your blog is very informative.

    Greetings from Bolivia.

  2. Very nice to hear from Bolivia. Keep up too your great work. From Tamatave Madagascar

  3. You have a great/big/enourmous heart Patrick, hope we will meet soon; I love the way you livre your life, thanks for this lesson of humanity. I had tears coming up of my eyes (is my english right??) when I saw and heard the video thank YOU. You deserve the best.
    Sure, i will bring something for Bosco for my next trip to Tamatave.
    These videos are something useful in blogging

  4. Oh, your English is better than mine. I’m serious!!!! The same to you, keep up blogging. And why not to up as you said when the time is come for that. PEACE my friend.

  5. That’s so nice of you Patrick 🙂

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