Why beach volley?

In term of volley-ball, Tamatave also has a very good players. In general, they don’t know where/how can they show their talents, because of the lack of the national and/or regional competitions. As we know that, this Atsinanana region has many seaside resorts such as: a rscn3322very famous Foulpoint, Tahity kely, …, and why not Tamatave ( Bateau Ivre ), which are all can be exploited for the beach volley. That’s the reason why Mr Stéphane ( is the President of “Stef’auto volley-ball club of Tamatave” and also the initiator of this first beach volley tournament here in Tamatave to organize this competition, indeed to motivate our young talented and fan of volley-ball to focus on sport but not on the things not useful for their youths.

During this competitions, there was 6 boys teams and 5 girls teams who had participated. Yesterday was the final, so “bravo” and congratulations for the winners which are the Mendrika and Emma’s team for the girls and also Dudu and Gildas’s team for the boys. As the official sponsor was Zain Madagascar, the champions got an offering rscn3287each from them. From now, the organizers of this event are already think to organize one other competition on this Easter’s holiday for giving an enjoyable moment for the students and the holidaymakers as well. And they will invite all the regions to participate in for this next tournament. They said that they met a lots of difficulties to fulfil this first one but they are going to make it better next time.



  1. I like watching beach volley especially when girls are playing :p. I’ve never done it but I’d like to try some day 🙂

  2. I learnt some things on Tamatave through your blog; I did not know that there was a beach volley ball team there, that’s a nice thing

  3. Thank you very much mitia008. I’m feeling alright to know that you’re following my blog. Thanks indeed. We’ll meet up one day. Go ahead to blog. Please PEACE!!!!!

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