Morning song

Please have fun with ESSVA students then. Because they’re looking very happy here. According to me they’re quite right. So Enjoy your time here in Tamatave guyz.

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What wonderful time!!!

dscn3830This morning, many students were gathering in front of TLC in Barikadimy’s campus which is the place where FBC in Tamatave and ESSVA have chosen to meet up. Personally, I don’t know how to show you my happiness this morning to meet them. Because it’s today the time when FBC Tamatave and Ravinala’s guide association and indeed BUEC planed to receive ESSVA today. Remember that that couldn’t be accomplished without Mr Randy who is the initiator of this first official visit. During the meeting, everybody was fool of happiness, because it is our biggest opportunity to share one another our experiences and also to let each association know what exactly we’re doing. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time/ access to connect together. So now I’m very happy to deliver our thankfulness to Randy , his colleagues and indeed to all the students. Your visit will be always in our memory. Thank you very much guys.


BUEC’s voice

I guess many of you want to hear from BUEC now. Three weeks now, BUEC get restarted their meeting (which is aimed to help the University of Tamatave students to speak and to understand English) each Sunday afternoon. BUEC is open for all of the English learners. It can make your English better without paying anything. So please don’t miss your great opportunity to speak English, because as we know that “practice makes perfect” . Listen and watch this video.

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The young and the fashion

The youth is the only one period that you feel most strong and most beautiful in your life, also the most precious time for the being human and all living as well. Because it’s a period that you have to choose your life, in other words it’s a time that you have to prepare your future. Actually, we can’t talk about young people without fashion (the things that most people like at a particular time). It’s the way how the young people can animate their life to the human society, show their personalities, beautify themselves, show their cultures. In summary, it gives an image of the region and/or the countries where they are from.

In general, the young people are the most active to keep their costumes with their own fashion and also to present who they are with. Like a young girls who wraps with <<lambahoany>>( it’s the way of Betsimisaraka’s clothing when they have a special event such as: turning of bones, Malagasy wedding, circumcision,…, and it’s becoming a fashion now in Madagascar. To be a fashioners is very good if you respect the rules of the society where you live (it must be limited), because there is many young people to imitate a foreign fashion like this without thinking of the consequences such: to tattoo, to do a piercing,…. In this case, it effects our precious bodies. Just imagine a young girls aged 18 Y.O with their small miniskirts wich let the person to see their buttocks, that provokes a rape temptations. And don’t forget also that the act of over tattooing and piercing are very dangerous, ‘coz they cause a skin cancer and why not AIDS if the materials that you are using is not clean an/or not well treated before acting.