Who will be?

Today is the only one day before BUEC’s presidential election. There is four candidates are running for being a new President tomorrow. Until now, many students are turning to Mr Ludger who is the biggest/ strongest and indeed the most famous comedian here in Tamatave. He is playing the main roles in <henjambôtraka> which is people may know. He is also from Maroantsetra. But don’t forget also Miss Nancy who was the best of Iboeny region during the speech competition last year in Majunga. Also why not Mr Michael, he is among of the best English teachers here in Tamatave. Then, not the last but may be the hopes. He is Erica from Antalaha. I can tell you that they all deserve this place but I think let’s see what will happen tomorrow afternoon after the election. To end this I would like to let you know them : from your right (the red T-shirt) to the left : Mr Erica followed by Mr Ludger, then Mss Nancy and Mr Michael. Hope that one of them can bring something good for BUEC.




  1. I know it’s kind of too late but I was for Miss Nancy 😀

  2. Oh no guy, but you still can keep in touch with her. Better late than never man

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