YWAMers of Tamatave

This last Saturday, Youth With A Missioners ( YWAMers) studentswent to Ivoloina park for having fun and also to see the beauty of the nature. As they are from Discipleship Training School (DTS), so they are a bible learners then, and trying to apply what it

Théo with his friends

Théo with his friends

says in the society and the nations. The students must know Jesus and make Him known. They help people in practical things, because they go in the bushes to evangelize in development. That is among of their missions but also it can get them more friendly and why not as a real family. As well as I think it, that’s great because as one dictum says: “Friends and family provide nourishment for our souls.” You can prove that from their photos, they are looking very happy to get together and discover the nature. Note that, there, is our friend Théophile’s school.

In term of development, they are working with Mercy Ministry NGO which is helping them on building a dispensaries (Tranom-pahasalamana”T.P”); literally means health house. Also linked with DSCN4381FALY EXPORT society which is exporting litchis, onions, spices,…. To sum it up, DTS is an International school for young people so that they get to be ready for their future. Just a little message to end this: “Life is tough and get helmet.”



  1. Glad to see that Theo is doing well 🙂
    And who’s that girl playing guitare?

  2. Hi Patrick
    DTS is in Tamatave? there are great things there, really encouraging. Happy blogging birthday to U

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