BUEC & Operation smile

BUECTwo years after having worked with the Operation smile in Tamatave, we got our wonderful souvenir pictures from Marilyn Moonan, who is an excellent nurse from Boston US. We won’t forget your name. So thank you very much. It was the only one way how can we help our children to get a new smile and you as well. We felt very happy to be your facilitators ( the foreign doctors, surgeons, nurses,…) to communicate to the Malagasy patients. Note that it was an immense pleasure for BUEC to meet you during your mission in Tamatave. It was on September, 2007 and it’s like yesterday. BUEC miss all of you, because what you did for our children and for us as well is unforgettable.



A friendship meeting

4As an English learners club, BUEC members have always a very strong want to extend our relationship to a different kinds of clubs, associations, societies,…. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to accept Mrs. Lalaina’s invitation to join the first touch of her new project, it’s “A friendship meeting”. In there, the communication must be in English. That sounds great for BUEC. This serves us also as a place: to meet with all the English club in Tamatave and share one another our experiences. Yesterday was the first edition and it’s already successful. We met a lot of new friends. Indeed, becau2se this month is a month for the children, so we’d a special guests from United States Mrs. Kim Radford and her husband Mr. Kollin from Australia who are working very hard on the rights of the child. They let us know about how adults and governments should work together to make sure all children get all their rights. Now we’re award of what should we act and/or behave with a children. A friendship meeting also is a place where can we have fun, like BUEC did yesterday, we sang Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the world”. We were very happy to sing the song but suddenly when we thought about his death, we’re very sad. God will save his soul. Then we played one sketch talks about the rights of the child written by Mr. Mamy Ludger who is the actual President of BUEC.

Independence party in Tamatave

RSCN4968Yesterday was June, 26th. It’s an independence day party for the Malagasy people. Thanks to God, because the sun was shining during the ceremony. Like the other regions, Tamatave had a fireworks, the people enjoyed them on the beach in the evening of the Eve, and RSCN4969beach podium with which many different talented artists can show their talents to make the people happy at the same time. Then as usual, a great army forces matching along the independence avenue. To sum it up, it was well done over here.

I’m proud to be Ravinala

The youngest becomes the best. One month now, Mrs. Laura started Lewisto train Ravinala’s English speakers tour guides. And this last Saturday morning we went to Ivoloina park with her, then she taught us the better way how to explain something to an Anglophone people and/or how  to make them always happy during one tour. It was pretty cool. As we speak not only English, Mr. Jan Bodo Lessmann also took his part to help our German speakers to know more about “Bazar be”  and to  let them aware of what should do and not do with a German people. Note when you visit Tamatave, remember that:  “with Ravinala tour guide association, everything is gonna be alright”.

I love BUEC

Actually, BUEC takes part of helping many students from all around Madagascar at University of Tamatave. As a place for English practice, we have a meeting every Sunday afternoon in which we have to speak in English on many different kinds of topics. In BUEC DSCN4688also we learn to sing an English songs and dances at the same time. And indeed, we have never forgotten to take our afternoonDSCN4691 time per two months for walking together with all the members and/ or visiting a specific places. Like yesterday afternoon, we spent all of our time to visit the port of Tamatave,  in there we met a very knowledgeable guide of the port who was explaining us how the port works out. With BUEC we will always keep smiling and have many English learners friends.

Ino maresaka Tamatave?

Since for very long times ago that I heard about “Moraingy.” This time I had an opportunity to assist it and now I couldn’t wait the time when can I share it to you guys. It’s the most famous and popular physical education in the North part of Madagascar. It’s little bit dangerous but it was the way how our ancestors taught their children to be strong (body, spirit); also to defend themselves facing an enemies. As a game, the looser may not bear a grudge against the winner. This last sunday afternoon was the first edition of this hard sport here in Tamatave so it sounds new in here. Many people were marked their whitsun or Pentecost to watch it at Municipal stadium of Tamatave this last Sunday afternoon. As a new cultural event show, personally I’m very interested to see what happen, because I never seen it before and now I still don’t have many thing to tell you about it but the only one thing that I can do for you is to let you enjoy these videos and photos. Have fun with “Moraingy Watsa”!!! In the North East cost of Madagasacr Watsa means music. So mostly “Moraingy” is accompanied by music.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2199080&dest=-1]

You still can click on these links if you want more videos show:

moraingy watsa show

children moraingy watsa

Fetching money

As you probably know that, there is still very few tourists who want to come in Madagascar now. That caused many problems even into the small tour guide association like “Ravinala”. Because now the crate is almost empty. But that’s gives us:

–         a want to fetch money with the other way for our crate. For e

Ravinala tour guide

Ravinala tour guide

xample: like we did this last Saturday, we organised a “cakes operation” from which we can have something for our crate. It was successful for this time.

–         A want to increase our knowledge. This next week, Mrs. Laura from United State is going to give us a free English course. I do hope that, she could bring us a very big change from our bad behaviours.

In term of artistes, only this last Saturday, I was amazed to see a lot of young artistes associations of Tamatave called “Official vibs” are appointed here at Lycée Price. In their association, we can find not less than ten bands of artistes right now. According to Antonio from JLJ said that: “there are many young talented associations of artists here in tamatave but the problem is they don’t know where to go to show their talents to the people.” So they think that here is the only one way to make them known and for having little money for their crate also. That’s the reason why they were gathering here at Lycée price to help one another for aiming the success of all bands in the associatio.