Fetching money

As you probably know that, there is still very few tourists who want to come in Madagascar now. That caused many problems even into the small tour guide association like “Ravinala”. Because now the crate is almost empty. But that’s gives us:

–         a want to fetch money with the other way for our crate. For e

Ravinala tour guide

Ravinala tour guide

xample: like we did this last Saturday, we organised a “cakes operation” from which we can have something for our crate. It was successful for this time.

–         A want to increase our knowledge. This next week, Mrs. Laura from United State is going to give us a free English course. I do hope that, she could bring us a very big change from our bad behaviours.

In term of artistes, only this last Saturday, I was amazed to see a lot of young artistes associations of Tamatave called “Official vibs” are appointed here at Lycée Price. In their association, we can find not less than ten bands of artistes right now. According to Antonio from JLJ said that: “there are many young talented associations of artists here in tamatave but the problem is they don’t know where to go to show their talents to the people.” So they think that here is the only one way to make them known and for having little money for their crate also. That’s the reason why they were gathering here at Lycée price to help one another for aiming the success of all bands in the associatio.



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