Ino maresaka Tamatave?

Since for very long times ago that I heard about “Moraingy.” This time I had an opportunity to assist it and now I couldn’t wait the time when can I share it to you guys. It’s the most famous and popular physical education in the North part of Madagascar. It’s little bit dangerous but it was the way how our ancestors taught their children to be strong (body, spirit); also to defend themselves facing an enemies. As a game, the looser may not bear a grudge against the winner. This last sunday afternoon was the first edition of this hard sport here in Tamatave so it sounds new in here. Many people were marked their whitsun or Pentecost to watch it at Municipal stadium of Tamatave this last Sunday afternoon. As a new cultural event show, personally I’m very interested to see what happen, because I never seen it before and now I still don’t have many thing to tell you about it but the only one thing that I can do for you is to let you enjoy these videos and photos. Have fun with “Moraingy Watsa”!!! In the North East cost of Madagasacr Watsa means music. So mostly “Moraingy” is accompanied by music.

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You still can click on these links if you want more videos show:

moraingy watsa show

children moraingy watsa



  1. waoow, ,that’s a big contribution to letting us all know more about this moraingy thing. Thanks for sharing Patrick

  2. yeeeaaah… Great report Patrick, thx 😀
    Moraingy = Malagasy version of Catch 😀

  3. “Moraingy watsa, moraingy watsa!” do you know the song of Shao Boana?
    Thanks for sharing man 😀

  4. Thx guyz, ariniaina> it’s little bit the same, moraingy=Catch
    Tahina> no I don’t know that song, could you sing it for me man?

  5. Lool, I can’t man I only know the chorus “Moraingy watsa, moraingy watsa” 🙂

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