A friendship meeting

4As an English learners club, BUEC members have always a very strong want to extend our relationship to a different kinds of clubs, associations, societies,…. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to accept Mrs. Lalaina’s invitation to join the first touch of her new project, it’s “A friendship meeting”. In there, the communication must be in English. That sounds great for BUEC. This serves us also as a place: to meet with all the English club in Tamatave and share one another our experiences. Yesterday was the first edition and it’s already successful. We met a lot of new friends. Indeed, becau2se this month is a month for the children, so we’d a special guests from United States Mrs. Kim Radford and her husband Mr. Kollin from Australia who are working very hard on the rights of the child. They let us know about how adults and governments should work together to make sure all children get all their rights. Now we’re award of what should we act and/or behave with a children. A friendship meeting also is a place where can we have fun, like BUEC did yesterday, we sang Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the world”. We were very happy to sing the song but suddenly when we thought about his death, we’re very sad. God will save his soul. Then we played one sketch talks about the rights of the child written by Mr. Mamy Ludger who is the actual President of BUEC.


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  1. That’s all great guys. One for the children and two for us English lovers 😀

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