Gasigasy landscape

DSCN5163It’s very difficult to believe that in a big town like Tamatave has such a very beautiful gasigasy landscape. I’m agreed that it’s very nice to look at and why not to see, but please don’t get in without a local authorities. In term of Tamatave, everybody knows that this “Analankininy Morarano” is the most dangerous area in here. Do you know why? Because it is the area has the highest rate of an illiteracy and a poor persons in Tamatave. In here most of the children don’t go to school and the young people has nothing to do. That brings them to form a bands of gangs easily. Some of them hasn’t even any place to refuge but because they live along of the Pangalane channel so they have a shelter under the bridge to join Morarano and DSCN5165Verery. Eh, don’t forget also that you still can rent a house with Ar 300 per month here but you can imagine how like it is. Note that this area has the most famous wood market for the constructios such as houses, furniture ,…. It serves 80% of the local market in Tamatave right now. So come and buy but be careful!!!!


What do you think of this?

I got this message from my friend today. Personally I never even heard about this event. I couldn’t wait for this special night. It reminds me the last eclipse in Madagascar, and I was very afraid to see it at that time but for this time if it is really going to happen, “I will shake it like a Polaroid picture”. And you, what do you think about it? Do you believe it? Your comment please, this is the text and I didn’t change anything:


A noter sur votre calendrier sans oublier les appareils photos, ce sera

un beau spectacle…


Le 27 août prochain, à Minuit 30 minutes, regardez dans le ciel.

La planète Mars sera la plus brillante dans le ciel étoilé.

Elle sera aussi grosse que la pleine lune.

Mars sera à 34,65 millions de miles de la Terre.

Soyez donc certains de ne pas manquer ça.

Cela nous apparaîtra, aux yeux nus,

comme si la Terre possédait 2


La prochaine fois que cet événement se reproduira

ce sera pour

l’année 2287.

Partagez cette information avec tous vos amis car PERSONNE

en vie aujourd’hui

ne pourra voir cela une seconde fois

Mr. Borihely with his “Sikidy”

2009 Madagascar migrant interviews 092Borihely is from Morarano Soanierana Ivongo. He is among of the top 5 most famous farmers in where he is from, and he works also as a kind of witch. But he left his land and now he is here in Tamatave to look for a better place to improve his quality of job as a witch. Accordindg to what he said, he will stay here in Tamatave, despite the different kinds of religions which are already exist here, he thought that there is still lot of persons need him. And now, I’m2009 Madagascar migrant interviews 093 wondering to ask all of my blog’s readers, firstly: why he decided to live in a big town like Tamatave but not in the countryside like which where he is from? Secondly: Do you believe him? Because as he said also, he can cure all disease except “donadonak’afo and lotsero mara-miasa”. Don’t ask me what them mean, because personally I don’t even heard them before. So now, I’m waiting for your comments.