Mr. Borihely with his “Sikidy”

2009 Madagascar migrant interviews 092Borihely is from Morarano Soanierana Ivongo. He is among of the top 5 most famous farmers in where he is from, and he works also as a kind of witch. But he left his land and now he is here in Tamatave to look for a better place to improve his quality of job as a witch. Accordindg to what he said, he will stay here in Tamatave, despite the different kinds of religions which are already exist here, he thought that there is still lot of persons need him. And now, I’m2009 Madagascar migrant interviews 093 wondering to ask all of my blog’s readers, firstly: why he decided to live in a big town like Tamatave but not in the countryside like which where he is from? Secondly: Do you believe him? Because as he said also, he can cure all disease except “donadonak’afo and lotsero mara-miasa”. Don’t ask me what them mean, because personally I don’t even heard them before. So now, I’m waiting for your comments.



  1. Hi Patrick
    I think he prefered to move to Tamatave to be close to his clients and to get new ones. I mean in ambanivolo there are less clients and less money though; big city is more interesting for his sikidy business, even tehe are lots of religion, that’s the point; I noticed that in lots of pore countries like our Madagascar, poorness bring people to find a way to come out of it and this means asking a sikidy man to improve theri everyday life, to help them to be rich something like that… I remember in my childhood my mother used to ask sikidy person to guide and protect us, but personnaly I think it did not help her; even if it’s a part of malagasy culture I don’t believe in these things I hate it; I thin my mum was killed by these things, she is passed away and never find hapiness and tranquillity, that’s my thoughts, it is just a waste of time and money
    Nice topic as usual, ciao ciao

  2. 1) As Mitia said it’s for his business to grow, to find new potential clients.
    2) I personaly have never met one but have heard a lot of stories about them.

  3. I’m not sure… I don’t think he’s gonna get more customers in the city. Cos there, people are more educated unlike the ones in the village. I mean, and no offense but, most of us don’t believe in this kind of thing…
    well, actually if he’s really good and his thing is really working then relocating to the city was the right move. He’s gonna get more popular and obviously have more customers.
    but to be honest, I don’t think he’s that good. The way I see it, or at least the general knowledge says, the genuine witch type aren’t really after the money. They do it because it’s a gift or, u know, a divine power they acquired through mysterious procedures. That’s why, they don’t wanna show it that much…
    So, your guy, he’s a fake 🙂

    btw, what kind of witch are we talking here. They Dadarabe type: the ones that heal sick people with some kind of potions and small bones or the mpisikidy: the ones that predict the future or the mpamosavy: nasty bunch of girls who give lap dances to the dead 🙂
    or the Dangerous type like the ones who can make thunder and hails…

  4. Yeah, I love your comments guyz, so thanks so much . We will see the next part after having enough comments.

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