August, 2009 in the East coast

Mananara-Nord beach

Mananara-Nord beach

Few weeks before the famous « Tsola be » festival in Ste Marie: one whale was died along the Mananara-Nord sea side. At this time, many people are really interested to see how big this very large sea mammal is. Its length was 8m long. I guess almost of them there have never seen such a very big sea creature. Then one problem was coming out , the people ain’t satisfied of only looking at him without knowing how taste is he. They simply ate the sea mammal without asking : « What is the cause of its death ? » Fortunately, none of them get sick after having enjoyed to eat him. Thanks to God.

Foulpointe- Fire

Foulpointe- Fire

Actually, many student are in holiday. Then, a large number of the family spends their holiday outside of the place where they really live. In Madagascar, Foulpointe is among of the best place to go for relaxing. In there, the landscapes, fresh air, a very beautiful beach, …, bring the holiday makers a new energy for their lives. It’s the most attracting place in Atsinanana region. It’s a tourist town. But let’s say: « Foulpointe needs your hands now,  S.O.S Foulpointe.» This last Monday, more than 500 houses, 5 cars were on fire. That’s caused 2800 of people are homeless now, 2 are died and six other are seriously burned. You probably have heard that the H.A.T members leaded by Andry N Rajoelina went there to see what happen exactly and tried to listen their voices only just the day after the disaster. Hefoulpointe-incendie-01 helped them to many different kind of needs. Very big thanks to him and to his team as well. But I think you’re more than welcoming to help Foulpointe because they are still suffering to much now. Despite this very huge problem in Foulpointe, please don’t cancel your program to visit this very nice town. Lot of hotel are still there to receive you and indeed almost of the beautiful thing are still there as well for you and I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy there as usual. By the way the THB tour will take place there at the end of this week. So please, come around and enjoy Foulpointe.

WhaleAfter Foulpointe, Ste Marie also is a very nice island and has a very interesting thing to discover. For example at the end of this month, in there, there will be one festival called « Tsola be ». It’s a new cultural event to promote the tourism sector. It going to be one unforgettable moment for you because you’ll discover the real Ste Marians « Midôla » in that time and also you will see by your own eyes the whales playing along its very beautiful beach. What happened in Mananara-Nord prove that they are already a full of whales around there and they are ready to give you a very nice show. Your dream will become true. So please don’t miss your chance to assist this even more than special event. I’m sure you won’t regret to go there. This event serves to let this world know that Madagascar is getting back into the normal life after the recent political

Ste Marie

Ste Marie

crisis. What is your Malagasy favorite singer ? Mima ? or Jerry Marcos ? or Rabaz ? or Who exactly? What are you still waiting for to pack your laguages ? You will enjoy their show together and also lot of other artists as well. We do hope that it gonna be successful so that the tourists won’t be afraid any more to come around in Madagascar. But listen ! Make sure that you are going to come there first and please don’t forget to contact Ravinala tour guide association of Tamatave in case of you need to be guided. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be very happy to meet you and to guide you into the place where you want to see here in the East coast of Madagascar



  1. will relay your call for tourist to come this way despite Foulpointe’s drama.

  2. BTW, how do people contact Ravinala guides?

  3. A sad month for the part of the Island.

  4. If I understand well, people are used to dig holes to catch these sea mammals? Did you taste it with the people?
    What does it mean the word “Tsola”? it’s betsimisaraka I guess, i’ve never heard that before and thank you to share those informations.

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