Vanilla from Mananara-Nord

Mananara-Nord is a remote region located within Madagascar’s forest corridor. The surrounding communities do not have electricity or running water, and nearly all households are involved in subsistence farming activities.

Here, traditional Malagasy village life continues to exist in harmony with the surrounding forest. Community is strong and highly valued. The unique environment of Madagascar’s northeast coast also makes it ideally suited for vanilla, clove, and coffee cultivation. Despite its remote location, the region

from Mananara-Nord

from Mananara-Nord

produces a large quantity of cured vanilla and dried cloves each year. On the border between rainforest and the Indian Ocean, the Mananara region boasts a truly spectacular natural environment. Despite some problem of the product exploitation and the tourism development, such a road which is still the main problem of this wonderful town to develop, they can always make due to get out from that problem. Congratulations!!! Simple message for those who want to discover the beauty of Mananara-Nord, come around please and I’m pretty sure that you won’t regret when you come there. Because of The region includes a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a marine protected area, and is home to many endemic species of lemurs, palm trees, birds and reptiles, I think that could serve you to know much better about Madagascar. But please never forget to contact RAVINALA tour guide association in Tamatave when you get ready to visit there. With them you will be more than satisfy:

Pic from Mananara

Pic from Mananara

Now I would like to ask myself, in term of vanilla pods, is still Antalaha the capital of this very famous flavouring obtained from this only one orchids with commercially useful fruits? Because in here if the Imorona families have been cultivating vanilla for over 80 years, and actually it’s becoming popular in all Mananara-Nord town. And you know now even the people from Antalaha are walking around in there because of its qualities of the products and the quantities as well. They are using techniques and knowledge and we do hope that will pass down through generations. As with raising most orchids, cultivating vanilla is a labor-intensive pursuit, requiring an extensive degree of specialized knowledge and care. Meticulous, they are expert of this work there.

Vanilla from Mananara-Nord

Vanilla from Mananara-Nord



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