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You’re following Patrick

You’re following an International conference on population and development in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. For this time Patrick would like to invite you to follow him from Madagascar until he could give you all what happen in the conference. Stay with us please!!!


Erazia (Zebu Nation) in Tamatave

She said:  “I came back to Madagascar to make a difference. I came back with a song of hope to help my country wake up to the dangers of climate change. This album is dedicated to the future of our children. Mifohaza (wake up).” In term of Tamatave, am I wrong if I answered her with a very clear answer? : “With BUEC, your dream will become true.”

Looking for the right place where we can plant a trees

Looking for the right place where we can plant a trees

Despite the only one day she had to be with us before her concert in Tananarivo, even we couldn’t realize yet a great thing like planting trees as usual, we had a chance to know one another, to share a smiles and indeed to have a very serous talk about everything and nothing especially the climate change which is the most common topic on this planet. Meeting with her is a hopeful for our country. So we do hope that we will be able to bring our contribution with her on this very famous topic when she will be back here again on March (2010) as she said.

BUEC is always acting for the best future of this world

We won’t never give up to help this world on protecting the environement. Please watch the video.