Rosewood business on the East Coast of MADAGASCAR

RainIt’s getting harder to imagine when exactly will we stop to destroy our own natural heritage? This very bad action is the main cause of the actual climate change and this action which links into the political problems get the several of Malagasy people into the hell of the poverty. I’m wondering to know why we’re killing ourselves. Why you are killing the innocent people? Don’t say, because if we are swimming in the middle of misery; we are all responsible.

When shall   we overcome then?

3233704300_366817b7e6When the 2009’s political crisis in Madagascar start, almost of the economic operators of Sava and Analanjorofo regions were running to convert themselves into the forest exploiters. In my opinion, they just want to take an advantage of the political crisis. That means that they are trying to collect as lots as possible quantity of the Rosewood and why not the other precious woods before the resolution of the situation.


I’m really sorry to say this, but as a simple citizen, I think I have full right to express my own opinion about this situation. I can’t no more close my mouth to see what exactly happen about this illegal business, I’m pretty sure that the local authorities are not outside of the mechanism such as: the Fokontany leaders, the mayors and even the district chiefs, because they know and they should know by heart their areas and their people at the same time, but why? Why? And why they let those people free? You see?

When the problems was started from Marojejy, then Masoala National Parks; the disaster is now spreading out to many other regions across Madagascar such as North Mananara (the place where I was born, in the other words it’s my hometown) which is actually among of the victims also. Very sad story!!!


In term of this Rosewood business, the latest very good news was the spectacular decision of the Justice Department, Water-Forests, Environment Department, Forces and Security Department and the Finances Department; all together fight against this illegal exportation of the Rosewood in Madagascar: In Tamatave: 91 containers ready to be exported were arrested and also those who were arrested in Tananarivo recently. BRAVO!!! But the mission was too late and I think also it was a kind of demonstration action. You know why? Listen! This might help you to have some ideas about how big this disaster is during this very long period of the illegal exploitation of the Rosewood in Madagascar, more precisely on the East Coast of Madagascar:

“Mananara has 2 boats to join Tamatave and North Mananana regularly two times a week; as I heard from somebody also, Maroantsetra has 3 boats doing the same transportation a week and Antalaha has more than 5 boats to link Tamatave two times a week as usual.”

So, if they transport mainly the Rosewood as the people said, guess! Thousands and Thousands of tones will be transported and exported. Right?

Malagasy nature heritage is disappearing every minute and every hour. What’s a pity!

I guess almost of the economic operators are involved in that, but again the164ASPK442758 chiefs of the districts, the justices; and the security forces are also directly or indirectly involved. Because they know those people who are doing all those bad thing for our lovely country. The most strange phenomenal in this problem is if one person steals an only one egg, he might be immediately arrested, judged, and detained. But why not arresting those people who are robbing every day our most valuable wealth? They are acting with a total freedom and peace. That’s weird! Now I really want to shout in pronouncing “STOP”


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